Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pecan Season...a Florida Dyer's Favorite Time of Year!

We have two very prolific pecan trees in our back yard that have produced bushels of pecans during the thirty years that I have lived here.  Yet in all that time I have only been able to eat one or two.  But there are quite a few very well fed squirrels that live here and happen to be quicker and more efficient harvesters than I am.   I could be furious, but instead I am grateful that they leave me the green hulls which I always look forward to using to dye fabric this time of year.   Besides, I have to admit watching the squirrels with thier little muzzles and paws stained a deep chocolate brown from the hulls, making the look like little clowns is rather amusing.  

 Here is some silk I dyed last year.  

This silk scarf I dyed with..... 

Green pecan hulls tied with bits tradescatia leaves, onionskins pennies and steamed, then simmered in acochineal solution.

Detail of above silk scarf.  

Green pecan hulls, with pennies solar heated with an iron post mordant.

Camphor leaves folded in silk then solar shibori dyed in dye extracted from green pecan hulls.

Eucalyptus and camphor leaves folded in silk  then solar shibori dyed in dye extracted from green pecan hulls.

Green pecan hulls and green citrus fruit tied in silk and solar heated in a copper pot. 

The nuts are still coming so I'll be busy gathering the hulls my little friends are kind enough to leave for me.